Not Just Basketball

Genesis is a grassroots club which focuses on not only skill development at the team and individual level but also on transferring skills learned on the court to the outside world. Coaches are not only former University and College players but also teachers, mentors and role models. While much of the time spent between coach and player is spent on the court, the relationship does not end there. Some of our players lack guidance and advocates in their lives and we are committed to do anything possible to help build the individual. Whether it be through tutoring, being references for jobs, driving players to interviews or school events or simply being a listening ear, the concepts of family and always being there for one another resonates throughout the club.

This relationship does not end at the coach-player level however as we encourage our older players to nurture and mentor our younger, less-experienced players wherever possible. 

Community Involvement

A non-profit organization, Genesis is committed to give back to the community at large. From volunteering at various tournaments, peer-tutoring or running clinics and skill development sessions in schools around the city, we are continually trying to reach out to as many people as possible. It is important that our players understand the value of giving back and helping those around you. Our players come from all corners of the city and surrounding area and from various backgrounds and it is this diverse cross-section that breeds a sense of togetherness, family and unity. Having our coaches and players volunteer in all areas helps show our players that all people are the same, regardless of where they are from.        Tel: 403.870.3420