Genesis Basketball and MADE Hoops

We are excited to announce that we have been offered the exclusive opportunity to be the only Canadian basketball program to represent Western Canada on the MADE Hoops winter circuit! We will be looking to field both boys and girls teams that fit the yearly age restrictions. Usually most kids through grade 7-9 in Canada will qualify. 

Genesis is committed to opening new doors for the basketball community in Western Canada, and this opportunity will give our boys and girls competition that is second to none in North America. This will also allow us to train at the highest level possible and be able to show the players involved how to train to compete at this level.

We will be welcoming players from different organizations to compete for the opportunity to play on this circuit team. You do not have to be a current Genesis basketball player to try out for any of the teams. Players are more than welcome to play on one of the circuit teams, and return to their home clubs for spring season, or train/play with them during the fall as well. 

What is MADE Hoops

Sponsored by Nike and fueled by Gatorade, we’re fortunate to work with such great powerhouses and pilots of the sport, further strengthening our emerging grassroots presence. With four sessions highlighting and showcasing the strongest 7th and 8th grade boys and girls’ basketball talents in the United States, and now Canada. With some of the best teams on the west coast set to battle at four locations, including Phoenix, Los Angeles, Oakland & Las Vegas, the future faces of west coast basketball will start building their resumes using the MADE Hoops platform.

The level of exposure and coverage of these sessions and games will be second to none. Through photos, videos, articles, interviews, and game recordings – everything will be covered and magnified. We pride ourselves on Maximizing Athlete’s Development and Exposure.

Along with filling the gym with the best grassroots programs on the entire west coast, MADE Hoops provides a strong and aggressive media presence, providing an unparalleled experience for student-athletes and their respective programs. Through extensive social media and website recognition, the emerging elite middle school basketball talents of tomorrow are identified and promoted as they begin their basketball marathon.

This year, at the MADE Hoops Winter Circuit, hundreds of athletes will #GetMADE. Before the division one scholarship offers and the notoriety of their dazzling high school careers start to take shape, they begin their journey in the Lea8ue with a single goal in mind; a championship. The time to prepare is now. Don’t let the sunny blue skies fool you. Winter is coming on the west coast!

Circuit Dates and locations

Each fall the circuit locations and dates will vary, but all tournament series will be held in a basketball hub in the Western United States. We will be traveling to three tournaments with the hopes of qualifying for the championship weekend, which will be the last stop. 

Next Steps

This is an opportunity that is unique and first of its kind in western Canada. Top junior high players will now have the chance to showcase their talents amongst their peers, the most elite athletes in North America. We are excited to collaborate with other like-minded programs across western Canada to create the most competitive teams possible to be showcased on this circuit.

If you are interested in participating in this ground breaking opportunity for western Canada, please register below  in our database to be notified of tryouts, or for more information contact our President Eddie Richardson III at 403.870.3420 or